Tree Cutting? Does it Have a Permit?!

See Trees Being Removed or Tagged?
Always check if trees being removed are being done so legally

and with the intentions of protecting the neighborhood character.

Properties in Zone R-1 always need a permit.(zone map)
All properties require a permit for critical areas, buffers, and setbacks.

1. Talk to your neighbors.

 Be tactful and direct, honest and polite with your neighbors. LISTEN more than you talk. Don't interrupt them. Ask questions rather than tell them what to do. 

Example 1. "Hi, Looks like you are doing some work. What is happening with your trees that have been tagged?...
Were they diseased?...
How hard was it to get the permit?...
I've been told you need one in Bridle Trails. How do you know you don't need one? ....
It was an emergency? Can you let me know what they say when you report it?...
I can give you the number for Development Services to check...It is 425-452-6800 ...
I think that you need to post the permit, don't you?...
Have you seen the fact sheet at under Development Services / Permits and Inspections / FAQs/Tree Removal?..."

Example 2. "Hi, Looks like you are doing some work. What was happening with your trees that are being removed?...
Can you post the permit?
No permit? Can I help you with information on how to get the permit? 
I can give you the number for Development Services to check...It is 425-452-6800 ...
You need to stop if you don't have a permit...

2. Is there an active permit?
You can check on, click the permit section, click check status, enter Jurisdiction Bellevue, enter the address

Tree Clearing is under the Clearing and Grading Permits. Usually under GA. If not, check the other types that start with G. See Type of Permits under 

3. No active permit?

A. Is it a weekday from 8am-4pm Call Code Compliance if they don’t have a permit.


Code Compliance


Monday - Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m

B. If there is not a human answering, call 911. Ask for the police and say "not an emergency, Tree Cutting code violation"

4. Active permit?
If questions about the permit, call Planner and arborist David Wong-(425) 452-4282> Ask for the listing in the Permit Bulletin. 
See also

5. More Questions?
Contact a BTCC Board member. See the About us menu.

6. See Also
Code Compliance 

Tree Protection Requirements

Development Services / Zoning and Land Use / Zoning Requirements / Trees

Tree Removal

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