Code Compliance - Lack of Maintenance

A Letter from the City on Dealing with unmaintained homes. If you have a Homeowner's Association, you may also want to  contact them.

July 2016

....Typically, there are three potential courses of action to respond to concerns that someone has with a neighbor with an unmaintained home:

1) Talk with the neighbor directly. Sometimes an unmaintained home can indicate a neighbor in need of assistance, like a senior resident no longer able to maintain the home. This can be an opportunity to meet your neighbor and be a neighbor.

2) Connectwith Neighborhood Mediation, The City provides assistance to resolve neighbor to neighbor conflicts or disputes. If the unmaintained home is causing friction between neighbors, Neighborhood Mediation can provide a way to help talk things out and seek a mutually agreeable and voluntary solution to the matter.

3) Reportto Code Compliance, Code compliance officers can respond to concerns about litter on private property, junk vehicles, nuisances, etc. and will follow up to determine whether or not a home is violating any city codes.

Hope this helps,

Mike McCormick Huentelman

Neighborhood Outreach Manager

City of Bellevue


From Bellevue Essentials 2015


The City of Bellevue enforces the standards set for the community through city codes. Code Compliance Officers respond to concerns about possible code violations through: onsite inspections; code research; and consultations with land use planners, building inspectors, police, other city departments and other enforcement agencies. Complaints we investigate include (but are not limited to):

(1) Construction codes—building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical (heat pumps, ventilation), and clearing/grading work done without required permits. Abandoned or dangerous (unsafe) buildings.

(2) Zoning andland use. Property-line setbacks, signs, accessory dwelling units, home businesses, keeping of animals (animal behavior concerns are handled by King County Animal Control), parking on lawns, inoperable vehicles, storage of RVs/trailers in driveways, fences, marijuana processing and retail sales, and single-family dwelling rentals.

(3) Environmental. Critical areas ordinance. Development work in wetlands, within shoreline or stream setbacks, on steep (greater than 40%) slopes. Tree removal and pruning (more than 25% of live crown requires permit). NPDES (illicit discharges into storm sewers).

(4) Housing. Uniform Housing Code requirements (sanitation, ventilation, and habitability in rental housing). Fair Housing (non-discrimination in provision of rental housing).

(5) Nuisance. Anti-litter, vacant residences and abandoned construction sites, shopping carts.

(6) Noise. HVAC equipment (e.g., heat pumps). Noise from commercial activity (including property maintenance) in mixed-use zones. Police respond to noise disturbance complaints, including after-hours construction noise.

FILING A COMPLAINT: Complaints can be filed

---in-person at City Hall (450—110th Avenue NE)

---by phone (425-452-4570)

---by e-mail ( )

---online ( )

---using the MyBellevuemobile device application (see )

---by U.S. mail: Code Compliance, City of Bellevue, P. O. Box 90012, Bellevue, WA 98009


A complaint constitutes a public record upon submittal to the city, and may be subject to disclosure under the state Public Records Act (RCW 42.56). The Public Records Act requires that you indicate at the time of the complaint whether you want your name and contact information to be kept confidential in the event of a public records request. The city will maintain this confidentiality to the extent allowed under state law. With limited exceptions, as a matter of policy Code Compliance officers generally do not investigate anonymous complaints unless the reported violations involve serious and imminent threats to life/health/safety or the environment. Your contact information is requested.

MEDIATION: Mediation can be a valuable tool to resolve neighbor-to-neighbor disputes, including complaints about code violations. The City may suggest mediation as an option. To find out more about the City’s free mediation service, please contact mediation staff at 425-452-4091.

QUESTIONS? Contact Tom Campbell, Code Compliance Supervisor at425-452-6985 or .


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