Neighborhood Density

No Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU) 


The City may implement zoning changes to allow Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (DADUs)in Bellevue neighborhoods that are zoned as single family.

What is a Detached ADU? 

  • A housing unit on the same lot as, but physically separate from, a single family house.  
  • The unit may be a stand‐alone structure or space above existing detached garages. 
The BTCC opposes the changes since the result will be increased density in Bridle Trails and allow rental units on single family property, increasing the density where the density is not allowed by the zoning.


Currently, perhaps only one Bellevue neighborhood in the City of Bellevue is interested in DADU land use.
Bridle Trails is not interested in increasing the density. DADU's would substantially decrease open space and tree canopy,  These attributes are key elements to our neighborhood's rural and equestrian character.  

Comprehensive PlanPolicy HO-16 must be clarified.The current wording is framed as "allowing" attached and detached accessory dwelling units in single family districts. The qualifier at the end of the policy statement is that they be "consistent with neighborhood subarea plans." The lack of clarity arises because some (many?) subarea plans do not address attached or detached accessory dwelling units. It would be better to clarify Policy HO-16 so that the qualifier at the end of the policy statement reads, "where expressly allowed by a neighborhood's subarea plan." This clarification would be consistent with the rest of the comprehensive plan which places a high value on recognizing distinct neighborhoods, honoring the diversity of our neighborhoods, and allowing neighborhoods to come together and make decisions about what is best for their neighborhood in an organized, transparent manner.  

We believe that the best way for neighborhood participation is by requiring explicit inclusion in a sub area's Comp Plan . It may take some time to revise all subarea plans. However, Bellevue could sequence those subareas interested first. It has already been over 50 years w/o a policy on DADU's.

City of Bellevue Development Services Handout L-4 Accessory Dwelling Units 


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