Tree Preservation
The Bridle Trails Community has worked with the City of Bellevue to prevent clear cutting on large lots. The process took about five years from start to finish. With strong community support this has resulted in the Bellevue City Council approving a Tree Retention Plan for Bridle Trails on March 20, 2006. The result is specific tree protections that apply in Bridle Trails that have a greater standard than in other parts of the city.

The Plan applies to approximately 900 R1 lots (35,000 square feet minimum lot size) in the Bridle Trails Subarea. The Ordinance is intended to prevent arbitrary clear cutting while giving the homeowner flexibility for normal homeowner remodeling, equestrian projects, sport courts etc. The intent is to preserve the unique wooded character of Bridle Trails. Key elements of the plan allow for cutting two significant trees (eight inches diameter at four feet) over a three year period. If more trees are desired to be cut, an alternate vegetation plan can be submitted to the city for review, which may involve some reforestation. Contact the City of Bellevue Development Services Center (Land Use office) and code for more information.

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