Bridle Trails Area

Bridle Trails Area

If you live in the area outlined below, you are a Bridle Trails resident. We are an organized, active community group, and would like to represent your interests in the neighborhood as well as with the City of Bellevue. Please join us at a General Meeting, or drop us a note. And welcome to the neighborhood!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I thought Bridle Trails was the state park

The Bridle Trails Community Club represents a membership area historically known as the Bridle Trails Area.

The Bridle Trails Area is defined as all property within the following described borders:


Beginning at the intersection of Interstate Highway 405 and N.E. 70th Street, east on N.E. 70th Street to the Kirkland/Redmond City boundary (approximately 134th Avenue N.E.).

 Thenfollowing the boundary:
South to approximately N. E. 66th Street
East to between 136th Avenue N.E. and 137th Avenue N.E.
South to N.E. 60th Street (the Bellevue City boundary).


Then east on N.E. 60th Street to 148th Avenue N.E.
Then southto State Route 520
Then west to Interstate Highway 405
Then north to N.E. 70th Street, the point of beginning.



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