East Link is Sound Transit's voter-approved project to build light rail between Seattle and Overlake Transit Center in Redmond. There are several opinions on which alignment should be chosen through Bellevue.  If you are interested in following the debate or would like additional information, the following are links to organizations that can further inform you.

Sound Transit is conducting environmental review on the future extension between Overlake and downtown Redmond. The Sound Transit Board of Directors has identified a preferred East Link alternative with eastside stations serving Mercer Island, south Bellevue, downtown Bellevue, Bel-Red, Overlake, and downtown Redmond, connecting to Seattle via I-90.
Sound Transit Eastlink Project

Building A Better Bellevue is working on a preferred light rail alternative known as "B7"  Building A Better Bellevue

Move Bellevue Forward is a non-partisan, grassroots city-wide coalition of residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and community leaders dedicated to a progressive, long-term vision for Bellevue. Move Bellevue Forward

This link provides background and additional information on the City of Bellevue's involvement with East Link. Bellevue City Council


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