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 Be safer now! 
Captain Andrew Popochock,, 425-452-4347 is the Bridle Trails contact at the Police Department. As the North sector captain, he is responsible for any issues taking place in Bridle Trails and is a direct contact for Bridle Trails residents so they have someone in the police department they can address questions and concerns to. Captain Popochock often attends the BTCC events. 
More Police contacts.

More Information:Police Homepage
What types of crimes are occurring in Bellevue?: Bellevue Crime Map
Rover article on May 2015 Police visit

Public Safety is one of the many projects that the Bridle Trails Community Club and the City of Bellevue work in partnership on, The BTCC has asked the Bellevue Police Department to increase its patrols of the Bridle Trails area. The BTCC is forming a Public Safety Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to meet with Bellevue Police Department representatives on a periodic basis.. If you are interested in joining the Committee, send a contact a Board member or

  • Call 911 for anything that concerns you 
  • None emergency calls go to the same place as emergency call. Don’t spend the time to look up the other number. Call 911 and let them triage.
  • Check your owner manual for Valet keys and remove them from the car
  • Don’t leave your car out of the garage with the door opener inside.
  • Check out security devices with real time sound and photos
  • Install the unexpected – video inside the house.
  • Know your neighbors
  • Have mail and papers stopped or picked up when you are out of town.
  • Join The VineBridle Trails resident Marianne Heywood has created a distribution list of Bridle Trail residents. Known as The Crime Vine, it sends short posts on such topics as:
    burglariessuspicious vehicles/activitymessages from the Police • lost and found petswildlife issues
    If you'd like to be added to The Crime Vine, send request to 
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Click here to see the list of crimes within 2 miles of Cherry Crest for 2015



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