Parks is one of the many projects that the Bridle Trails Community Club and the City of Bellevue work in partnership on, incorporating the spirit of community to steward the area’s rich, unique, natural character. As Downtown and the Bel-Red area grows, parks and natural space, especially the tree canopy,  have increasingly concerned many residents.

In November 2008, the citizens of Bellevue voted to approve proposition 1.
Information regarding the levy:

Bridle Trails Corner Park - OPEN
2402 134th Avenue NE

Bridle Trails Corner Park, located at the corner of NE 24th Street and 134th Avenue NE, was funded by the City of Bellevue 2008 Park Levy. The Bridle Trails Community Club and the City of Bellevue joined with the community to create this environmentally and family-friendly space. The property was purchased in January 2011, and the Master Plan process began in early 2012. Completed in December 2014, the park features a loop pathway through forest, a wildflower meadow, native gardens with wetland views, a large grassy area, and an area with play elements based on nature.

Mayor Claudia Balducci and Parks Board Chair Sherry Grindeland shared with the Bridle Trails community an afternoon of bubbles, balloons and ribbon cutting for the Grand Opening of Bridle Trails Corner Park.. The event was held on May 2 by the Bridle Trails Community Club (BTCC) and the City of Bellevue. Even as the Bridle Trails neighborhood has grown, the community remains dedicated to maintaining its active equestrian and rural character. Bridle Trails Corner Park, with its serene setting, restored habitat, and naturalistic playground, embodies the spirit of the neighborhood.


140th Park – Ginzberg Acquisition
4432 140th Ave NE

The Bridle Trails Community Club and the City of Bellevue are engaged in a second park project. BTCC located and recommended a 1.65-acre property on 140th Avenue NE. With the remaining Bridle Trails area 2008 Park Levy funds, the City purchased this property. Located next to 4.1 acres of City- owned wetland, a beautiful park will emerge that overlooks open space. The next step is for the City to begin a Master Plan Process. Upon plan completion, the community will seek funding to develop the park.

BTCC Park Committee

If you are interested in joining the Park Committee, contact Loretta Lopez at 885-1851 or



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