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The Bridle Trails Community Club will hold General Meetings at 7:00pm at Cherry Crest Elementary School on following dates:
•March 19, 2015
•May 21, 2015
Please join us and meet other Bridle Trails residents. Meanwhile, if you want to receive our email bulletins on up-to-date happenings in our community, please email BridleTrailsRover@gmail.com with your name, phone number, and mailing address.



The Bridle Trails Community Club is aware of this project and is engaged.  If you are interested in participating, please contact a BTCC Board Member.

 Puget Sound Energy’s recently announced the Energize Eastside project. You may have heard about this project in the news. You and your neighbors should have received the project announcement newsletter, which describes the Eastside’s energy challenges and the project.

Our electric transmission system needs an upgrade

The Eastside is growing faster than any other region in Washington. Projections show customer demand will exceed PSE’s ability to supply reliable power as soon as the winter of 2017-18. But without an upgrade, the Eastside’s electric transmission system will lose redundancy, increasing the possibility of outages for as many as 60,000 homes and businesses.

Through conservation measures such as upgraded lighting, appliances and equipment, increased weatherization, and energy-efficient building technologies, PSE customers helped save enough electricity to power 30,000 homes in 2012. However, conservation alone is not enough.

To ensure the continued delivery of safe and dependable power to the region, PSE has initiated the Energize Eastside project, which will support the area’s growth in economic development, jobs and neighborhoods.

PSE’s energy infrastructure is fundamental to the continued economic success of the Eastside and the greater region. The Energize Eastside project will keep this momentum going by building new, higher capacity electric transmission lines on the Eastside that will upgrade our existing transmission system and provide more dependable power for Eastside businesses and communities for many years to come.

Energize Eastside project overview

·        The project will build new electric transmission lines that run about 18 miles between an existing PSE substation in Redmond and one in Renton.

·        PSE will not know the exact route until a thorough process has been completed to hear from the public.

·        PSE’s engineers and planners have analyzed hundreds of potential route corridors. They’ve narrowed the possibilities to 16 route segments, which will be discussed at community meetings beginning in January 2014.

·        After collecting feedback from the public, a Community Advisory Group, and other stakeholders, PSE will further evaluate requirements and constraints and select the preferred route and substation to move forward for final design, environmental review and permitting.

·        Construction will not begin for a few years. It takes time to plan, permit and build transmission lines, which is why PSE is getting started now.

Working with the community to identify a solution

Beginning in January, PSE will engage our community in a conversation to identify a solution that works best for the Eastside. PSE will ask the public to provide input on which combination of route segments best serves the Eastside’s needs. PSE will work with property owners, residents, businesses, hospitals and elected officials to reduce the impacts wherever possible. PSE is reaching out in a variety of ways and encourage you to get involved.

Ways to get involved

·        Attend and observe Community Advisory Group (CAG) meetings. CAG members will represent a variety of interests, including neighborhood associations along the potential route segments. PSE is actively identifying these representatives now, and the first CAG meeting is scheduled for Jan. 22.

·        Participate in community meetings – the first meetings are schedule for Jan. 29 and 30. PSE will host community meetings to share the CAG’s work to date, answer questions and ask the public for input on key milestones. They encourage you and your neighbors to attend one of the open houses scheduled for Jan. 29 and 30. Stay tuned for more details!

·        Request an informational briefing for your neighborhood. Following the first open houses, PSE will be happy to attend your neighborhood association meeting to share about the project and answer questions.

·        Send us your comments and questions. PSE wants your input, and are committed to keeping the community informed about the project. Send your comments toenergizeeastside@pse.com.

·        Review project materials via the project website atpse.com/energizeeastside. Visit the website to view the interactive map, review project documents and provide comments. In addition, all CAG and community meeting materials will be posted on the website.

PSE is happy to answer any questions you may have about the Energize Eastside project. Please let them know who the best ongoing contact for your neighborhood is and how they can keep your neighborhood association informed of project progress.

You can reach Cody Olson atenergizeeastside@pse.com or call 1-800-548-2614. And, he encourages you to visit pse.com/energizeeastside for more information about the project.  

If you walk, run, ride or use Bridle Trails State Park for any reason you need to read this.

Last month a woman was riding her horse on the trails in Bridle Trails State Park when two joggers ran through an intersection she was approaching. They did not stop or slow down while approaching the horse and rider. Unfortunately the runners spooked the horse which caused it to bolt and throw its rider. The end result was the rider broke her pelvis in two places.

There has been another report that a runner was almost run over by someone galloping on the trail. The runner had earbuds in and couldn’t hear the horse approaching. Unfortunately the rider galloped right up behind him and then yelled obscenities at him for not moving out of his way.

The Bridle Trails State Park is a public park which is used by runners; walkers; people with baby strollers; dogs on a leash; as well as equestrians. BICYCLES, however, ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE PARK AT ANY TIME. Please remember horses have the right of way at all times.  

We want everyone on foot or horseback to feel welcome in our beautiful park and are asking everyone to please leave your earbuds/earphones at home or keep them at a level where you can hear surrounding noise. Look around and pay attention to your surroundings - it could save your life or that of someone else. Please remember when a horse spooks, they don't think, they just run, and if you are part of the cause or are in the way you could be as badly hurt as the horse and/or rider.
By following these rules, everyone will have a safe and enjoyable experience:

*  Speak up when you encounter a horse - the sooner the better. Don't wait until you're just 10 feet away.
*  Slow down and walk when you pass a horse. Horses can't always hear your footsteps in the soft dirt, so speak loudly till you know you've been heard.
*Please, please do not touch someone's horse without permission.   

Be responsible, be aware, be safe, and be courteous.  

This article has been paraphrased from a letter submitted by Alice Prince.

Bellevue residents seeking to improve their neighborhoods can obtain up to$5,000 in matching grants from the city. The money is available for projectssuch as an upgrade to an entry or common area, new mailboxes or neighborhood signs, or a community art project. To qualify, neighbors need to provide 50 percent of the project cost in dollars or labor, and the project must be approved by the city. 


BTCC is forming a committee of ten to give input on the City of Bellevue's 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update, a ten-year review. The Comp Plan describes the vision for the next 10 to 20 years, with sections for each neighborhood. The Comp Plan sets policy that directs the City’s actions, decisions and capital improvements for all departments, including Transportation and Land Use. The first discussion was specific to Housing and Human Services, particularly for housing affordability for those earning less than the King County median wage. Join us! Contact Norm Hansen at 425-861-7333, hansennp@aol.com

On this site, you will find information about the Bridle Trails neighborhood, and about events and topics relevant to the Bridle Trails community


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