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Tuesday March 5 Bridle Trails Meeting: A personal invite from Karin Morgan

The Rover

Do you live in North of SR 520, South of Kirkland's NE 70th St, and East of Bellevue's 148th Ave NE?
All Bridle Trails Residents Welcome!

BTCC  General Meeting

Tuesday, 7-8:30 p.m
Cherry Crest Elementary School Library


I’d like to personally extend an invitation to you to join me next Tuesday, March 5 for the Bridle Trails Community Club (BTCC) meeting at 7:00 PM in the Cherry Crest library. Why am I asking you to attend???

I have volunteered to be Co-President of BTCC (along with Laura Polt) and our community club needs your support! I agreed to take on this role because BTCC has a long history of advocating for the greater Bridle Trails area and I didn’t want to see that end. We live in a unique place and the work BTCC has done over the years has helped ensure we continue to enjoy all of the wonderful things we have in our community.

One of our goals this year is to reenergize BTCC, along with creating a better understanding of how important BTCC is to our community. I’ve learned a lot about BTCC since I assumed my position in early January - one of the most significant things I’ve learned is how much the City of Bellevue listens to BTCC. We want to make sure the voice of BTCC continues to be heard.

Ok, ok, that’s nice, but, you’re asking yourself, what can I do to help? There are many ways to help - attending our first meeting is one way. Becoming a member ($20 per year) is another. Volunteering is also a great way to help!

I hope you’ll consider attending our first meeting next week, to learn more about what BTCC does for all of us. If you can’t make it, I understand, but please think about how you might be able to help our efforts to make our community even better. I would appreciate your support!



All members and new members: March is Membership Month!
Membership is only $20 per year and our only revenue source.
See the membership form below. More at BridleTrailsCommunity.org.
Join today!

The Rover, Watching Over Bridle Trails

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2019 BTCC Membership Renewal

All Bridle Trails Residents of Bellevue and Kirkland Welcome
Membership: $20 per year


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Please send $20 check payable to:
Bridle Trails Community Club
6619 132nd Ave. N.E. #133
Kirkland, WA 98033

New Members? Questions?: Christine Hemnes, 425-417-6892 or christineh@windermere.com

All BTCC information is confidential and will not be shared


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