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Bridle Trails new park on 140th St to start construction in 2021

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City Council approved $2,600,000 for the design and
on the 140th St. park property

Thanks to all who came to work at the BTCC parks committee and City meetings!!!
Stay tuned for more on the planning process from BTCC.

The City worked closely with the neighborhood to identify the future location of a neighborhood park. The City eventually acquired the 1.65-acre property in 2014, and worked with the neighborhood to develop a plan for the park. The plan was strongly supported by the neighborhood, endorsed by the Park Board and approved by the City Council in 2016. These funds would fund design, permitting and development of the park, which is expected to include amenities such as a picnic shelter, children’s play area, walkways, portable toilet, landscaping and a parking lot. The master plan (pictured)  is complete. The next step is the construction ready plan, which defines the details to a level that the contractor can build. This
 new park on 140th  is planned to start in 2021 and finished in 2022.

Although $2.6M seems like a lot, it covers increases in construction costs in the area and all city costs. The details of the design and construction bids could be lower, but it is the completed masterplan that determines the big costs. By BTCC Parks Committee having a  budget conscience attitude and working closely with the city, costs of Bridle Trails Corner Park were kept low, allowing the second park property to be purchased without an increase in the park budget for Bridle Trails. In addition, the city was subsequently granted funding from King County for the restoration of the wetlands at the Corner Park. Using these KC funds, the City purchased property in the Newport Hills area for a new neighborhood park. Council also approved its design and construction, and It is slated to start before the 140th St park in Bridle Trails.

The city still is in need of more parks to meet its parks vision of easy and equitable access to parks and trails. Crossroads Community Park and Redmond's Grasslawn Park are good examples of park congestion after population growth.  It is up to taxpayers to determine if park and open space will be easily accessible to the public as the city grows.  The Park Levy will expire in 2028. The 2008 Levy was approved at cost a typical homeowner of about $71 per year for 20 years, or 12 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. The 2008 Levy measure replaced the1988 Bellevue Park Bond which had an average property tax rate of 17 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. Should a new Levy be proposed to buy property before development pressures increase even more and interest is low? As we have seen with these parks, 2008 Levy will take Bridle Trails to 2022. More thought is needed, but what do you think? Email president@bridletrailscommunity.org.

See details of the project at the city's website>


 More at BridleTrailsCommunity.org
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